Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Creating New User Experiences with IoT (Tech Node)

October 15 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
371 A - C Level 3 GRBCC
TRACK: Special Sessions

We believe the Internet is central to changing the way we live, work, play, and learn. How can Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enable new capabilities to improve every day customer experiences? What can you and your colleagues create to radically improve, enhance, or transform a simple every day activity like getting a cup of coffee? Join us for an innovation challenge! Participate in an interactive session that includes small group work to identify existing IoT technologies like wireless sensors, security, wearables, that will combine with new emerging capabilities to create revolutionary new experiences for consumers.

Audience Take Away:
· Creative small group ideation and brainstorming with interactive discussion with new people
· Exposure to diverse perspectives on what the ideal customer experience entails
· Identify which IoT technologies are required to implement your idea – what already exists, what needs to be developed?
· Create a new business case. Would customers pay more for this capability? Does it provide sustainable differentiation?

This Advanced Tech Node is sponsored by Cisco.