Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Fun with Machine Learning! (Tech Node)

October 14 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
371 A - C Level 3 GRBCC
TRACK: Special Sessions

Algorithms can make predictions using data, and you can use them to answer your toughest questions! Machine Learning (ML) can use historical data to build a model which can make statistical predictions. Recently, big data and ML have become the unfair advantage for students, entrepreneurs, and savvy businesses around the world. In this Tech Node, we'll walk through an introduction to Machine Learning, what ML is and what it is not, the algorithms and approaches to answer different types of questions, and discuss some amazing stories & examples of how it's changing the world around us. You'll get a chance to participate in a hands-on discussion with data scientists to build an ML experiment for your idea to solve the world’s next big problem facing our generation.

This Tech Node is sponsored by Microsoft.