Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


IoT and Emerging Tech: Lightning Talks

October 14 2:15 pm-3:15 pm
General Assembly Theatre B Level Three GRBCC
TRACK: Internet of Things/ Emerging Tech
Presentation / Lightning Talk
Timely Collaboration through Smart Wearables in Express Logistics
2:15 PM - 2:27 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Technologies are changing how Express Logistics businesses are being operated for improved on-time delivery, work efficiency, and customer experience. Working closely with our innovation partners in this industry, Smart Wearable have been deployed in a Proof of Concept to display contextual information in real time, connecting multiple stakeholders timely and safely. The PoC will be demoed to showcase the integration of technology, sensor data, business process, and the employees.

The Internet Security Risk of Things
2:27 PM - 2:39 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Computing is becoming part of daily life in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to separate "work" and "personal" devices. The concept of a corporate boundary is dissolving as computing and communication endpoints are embedded in a growing number of things like thermostats, medical devices, cars, and clothing. These trends have profound implications for the security industry.

Supercharging the IoT with Satellites
2:39 PM - 2:51 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Satellites offering global coverage have the potential to act as the backbone infrastructure for the Internet of Things. By using overhead coverage from satellites, all parts of the world can be brought on the grid. Networks of small satellites can potentially provide scalable, reliable, and frequent data with applications in industries as broad as piracy prevention and air traffic control.

Fog computing using software containers for IoT real-time data processing
2:51 PM - 3:03 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

With Fog computing, processing of data generated by IoT devices, is brought closer to the device making it more real time and quick. The applications that process this data will need to be modular, light-weight and platform agnostic so that it can run and be ported across multiple devices. We propose the use of software containers (that offer all these advantages) for managing IoT devices which need real time response.

Achieving Trip Aim with Beacons
3:03 PM - 3:15 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

In the healthcare world, improving patient experience, improving the health of the general population and reducing the cost per capita of healthcare are the three components of an initiative known as the “Triple Aim”. Join PwC as we showcase a prototyped application that explores the Triple Aim using beacon technology to improve patient education, hospital experience and care, and ubiquitous technology in healthcare.