Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Product Strategy/Design: Lightning Talks

October 14 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Lanier Grand Ballroom A Level Four Hilton Americas
TRACK: Productization
Presentation / Lightning Talk
Building a Big Data Optimizer: Research Paper to Shipping Product
12:00 PM - 12:12 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

“So, you just published this fascinating research result- can we productize it?” This is the story of a sampling and load balancing product for Apache Hadoop, developed as a collaboration between an Advanced Development group and an Engineering group at Oracle. Research and customer perspectives are sometimes synergistic and other times orthogonal. We present key takeaways that enabled us to successfully bridge research, engineering, and business to deliver a product.

Creating an Authentic Internal Intranet at Airbnb
12:12 PM - 12:24 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Communication is important at any company, but Airbnb’s rapid global growth and extreme commitment to their company culture present a particularly interesting challenge. Airbnb’s Internal Products team unveiled the new internal intranet this year at our global reunion. I’ll discuss how we framed the problems, and how we set out to facilitate belonging at the company through an internal intranet.

From Lean Experiments to Successful Productization!
12:24 PM - 12:36 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

This talk is on lean experiments to successful productization emphasized with use case and journey lines of Personalized A/B Testing and ShopOwner. Personalized A/B Testing started small, scaled to full features on Cloud.Developed in lean mode, it is successfully used across company for making critical decisions. ShopOwner is mobile point-of-sale solution catering small businesses.Developed in lean startup mode, it started as incubation experiment, now featured app, and top innovation!

Out of the Shadows: Corralling and Securing End User Development
12:36 PM - 12:48 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

End User Computing Systems (EUCs) are typically built using desktop applications such as Microsoft Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, SAS code/queries, and SharePoint. These EUCs are often vital to a business unit’s productivity, but also pose risk (access control, disaster recovery, single-person dependency). The challenge is: how do you minimize risk to the organization while allowing the business unit autonomy and flexibility in solving its business problems?

Falling From Cloud Nine: Is the Love Affair too Expensive?
12:48 PM - 1:00 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

This whitepaper investigates cloud hype and seeks to provide organizations with a financial viewpoint to better evaluate cloud outsourcing for technology applications. We start with an overview of cloud service offerings and highlight the lack of success in cloud cost savings through case studies and firsthand experience. This whitepaper builds on concepts highlighted by Rackspace and extends them by providing business examples that may lead organizations to better decision making.