Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Professional Development: Communicating for Impact and Influence (Register for Workshop OnSite)

October 14 10:30 am-12:30 pm
George Bush Grand Ballroom A Level Three GRBCC
TRACK: Career

Professional Development Leadership Workshop:
To get ahead in today’s workplace women must develop their skills as highly effective communicators. Whether crafting winning emails, answering that oft-asked question ‘what do you do?’ or presenting your ideas to higher-ups, how you present your ideas (and yourself) can mean the difference between creating a reputation as an influential leader or being overlooked or sidelined. Join us to learn actionable strategies for Preparing, Presenting & Prevailing as Influential Communicators. Please note you must register for workshop onsite.

This year you must RSVP to attend a Professional Development Leadership Workshop. Tickets are required for attending the workshops. Tickets will be distributed in the registration area. Look for the “Leadership Workshop and Special Events Tickets” signs directly across from the entrance to Hall B.
Limited tickets are available and will be distributed at the following times:

Tuesday 9am - 2pm

Tuesday 2pm - 8pm

Wednesday 7am - 9:30am