Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Program Management and Agile: Lightning Talks

October 16 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Lanier Grand Ballroom C Level Four Hilton Americas
TRACK: Productization
Presentation / Lightning Talk
Agility and Continuous Development
12:00 PM - 12:12 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Web-based cloud-based applications have an unmatched customer reach. With this come the challenges of building, maintaining and iterating on features, given a large customer base. In this presentation, I will discuss how Intuit’s Mint team overcame the challenges with continuous integration/continuous deployment. I will share what worked and what did not, with the goal of helping other large-scale Web application developers improve their development process.

Engineers do it better. What can designers learn from them?
12:12 PM - 12:24 PM
LEVEL: Beginner

After having been embedded as a user experience designer on Agile product teams, I noticed that my design peers could learn a thing or two from the engineering culture of collaboration. This talk will discuss examples of engineering best practices, approaches and methodologies, and how many of those tactics can be directly applied to the design process within an extended team.

Product Management from Monolith to SOA
12:24 PM - 12:36 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Product managing an application’s transition from a monolithic world to Service Oriented Architecture has many challenges and opportunities. A Product Manager needs to be aware of and understand a lot of information, maintain control over the product and react smart as the foundation literally moves beneath you. In this presentation I will propose key areas to focus on and lessons learned from my experience during a monolith to SOA journey.

Do Enterprise Products get the Love they Deserve?
12:36 PM - 12:48 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

While consumer products tend to be more relatable, enjoy viral popularity, and entice talented professionals, enterprise products are generally more mission-critical, have clearer paths to monetization, and, importantly, serve to empower the rapidly growing population of knowledge workers worldwide. This presentation will identify some differences between building consumer and enterprise products, dismantling stereotypes and dispelling widely held myths while showcasing the rarely discussed opportunities unique to building enterprise products.

Successful Productization through Effective Program Management
12:48 PM - 1:00 PM
LEVEL: Beginner

In this age of agile product development, globally distributed teams are expected to collaborate and self-organize as product requirements change. For these teams to perform consistently, be flexible, and respond rapidly to change, a good program manager is essential. As a strategic leader, the program manager serves three key roles: (1) create a vision of possibilities, (2) create just enough structure to enable change, and (3) drive change and transformation.