Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Software Engineering: Lightning Talks

October 15 10:30 am-11:30 am
362 A Level Three GRBCC
TRACK: Software Engineering
Presentation / Lightning Talk
Adapting Your iOS App to the Ever-Changing New Technologies
10:30 AM - 10:37 AM
LEVEL: Beginner

In this talk, I will describe the difficulties an iOS mobile developer faces with ongoing changes to technology, and the tools that help build iOS mobile apps to be more adaptable to these changes.

Accessibility of Mobile Applications -Technology for Everyone !
10:37 AM - 10:44 AM
LEVEL: Beginner

Mobile accessibility means to making websites and applications more accessible to people with disabilities. Mobile Operating Systems like iOS and Android gives a platform to enable the people with Visual impairments to use the mobile with equal ease . Many organization want their products accessible since customers from public /private sector are legally bound to buy and run accessible software internally and externally to avoid discrimination of individuals with impairments.

A Brief Introduction to Content Delivery Network
10:44 AM - 10:51 AM
LEVEL: Beginner

The Web has evolved significantly over past few decades with more than 30% of web traffic being redirected through thousands of servers in numerous networks with intention of enhancing Internet Experience.
Content Delivery Network aims at serving content to end-users with high-availability, high-performance, furnishing high-degree of protection from security threats/attacks.
This presentation talks about modus-operandi of CDN and its impact on today’s web-systems demonstrating how CDN architecture solves serious problems.

Technology Behind Giant “Retail” Wheel
10:51 AM - 10:58 AM
LEVEL: Intermediate

E-commerce is a constantly changing business where customer behavior triggers constant technology innovations. Multi-channel access, targeted recommendations, faster checkout, secure-payments, on-time delivery and analytics are the key game changers of e-commerce business. Technologists defining the next generation shopping experience will need technical agility and business acumen. This presentation highlights how technology powers up changing needs of e-commerce business and prepares engineers for business driven innovations.

Large Scale Distributed Actor System Utilization
10:58 AM - 11:05 AM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Go Daddy Hosting provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers to thousands of customers, many of them Small and Medium businesses. We have utilized the Actor model to build a fault-tolerant reliable system that manages several thousand Host Systems, coordinates on-box applications and external (and not always reliable or responsive) services, and accommodates individual failure elements. Both the benefits and some of the issues and disadvantages encountered are discussed.

Breathing New Life into COBOL
11:05 AM - 11:12 AM
LEVEL: Intermediate

COBOL, the most heavily-used enterprise programming language, may be unable to meet the future computing needs of the business world. We propose automatic translation of COBOL to C++ or Java, producing highly readable programs with COBOL data declared as objects, with data in memory identical to the original COBOL, and with program functionality absolutely identical between the original and translated programs.

A Pragmatic Introduction To RESTfulness
11:12 AM - 11:19 AM
LEVEL: Intermediate

This talk is an easy-to-follow and entertaining introduction to what RESTfulness is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. RESTful APIs are widely used to support native applications and third-party developers, but they vary widely and there is no standard. This pragmatism is part of the power of the paradigm, but it can also make it harder to understand APIs you encounter unless you understand the purpose of each technique.

Designing Future Software for Sustainability: The Karlskrona Manifesto
11:19 AM - 11:26 AM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Sustainability has emerged as a broad concern for society. Many engineering disciplines have been grappling with challenges in how we sustain technical, social and ecological systems. In software engineering, for example, maintainability has been a concern for a long time. But too often, these issues are treated in isolation. This article presents the Karlskrona Manifesto for Sustainability Design, an articulation of the fundamental principles underpinning design choices that affect sustainability.