Grace Hopper Annual Conference Schedule


Software Engineering: Presentations

October 16 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
362 A Level Three GRBCC
TRACK: Software Engineering
Presentation / Lightning Talk
MongoDB Elastic and Hadoop The What When How
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

This presentation will discuss three current database technologies that are hot in the NoSQL and Big Data world today –MongoDB, Elastic, and Hadoop.

Kimberly will provide a brief overview, best use cases, basic architecture, and dive into the HA characteristics and implementations for each technology.

The desired takeaways are a good sense of what each technology is, when to use which, and how to best optimize each for performance.

AMS: Interfacing with and Tracking the Anton 2 Supercomputer
12:20 PM - 12:40 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Supercomputing platforms on which multiple users split time introduce unique challenges to developing user interfaces and tracking the status of applications and hardware. We developed Anton Management System (AMS) to address these challenges for Anton 2, a special-purpose molecular dynamics supercomputer. AMS comprises a SQL database with a Django front end that provides an API and a web interface, allowing users to monitor the hardware and applications in multiple ways.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Low Latency via Redundancy
12:40 PM - 1:00 PM
LEVEL: Intermediate

Several recently proposed techniques achieve latency reduction of web requests by trading it off for some amount of additional bandwidth usage. But how would one quantify whether the tradeoff is actually beneficial in a given system? We consider an analysis that derives a benchmark for wide-area client-server applications and demonstrate how it can be applied to reason about a particular latency saving technique we propose — redundant DNS requests.